1. The overall aim is to build strong, intercultural networks on a personal and professional level. Enrichment of scientific knowledge and offering new experiences:

There will be opportunities to present one’s own research to fellow students.
There will be a wide range of professional lectures and workshops on diverse psychological topics, controversies and research.

2. International meeting of students, exchange of ideas and cross cultural communication:

Many opportunities for cooperation on different levels, both scientific and social will be offered.
Networking among students will be encouraged.

3. Promoting EFPSA and its Mission, Vision and Values:

EFPSA´s activities and services will be presented to all participants.
All participants will have the chance to actively contribute to the development of the Federation or even join the working community in one of the positions of the Executive Board that will be starting their mandate.

4. Promoting intercultural dialogue within Europe:

The Congress will bring together students from more than 30 countries and regions of Europe.
Open discussion sessions, workshops, and lectures delivered by professionals and students will encourage discussions among participants about cultural differences.

5. Presenting Czech republic and the way psychology is taught, practiced and viewed within our culture:

Lectures will be held by a wide range of lecturers and professional Psychologists from different universities and institutions, not only from Czech republic. Social activities will introduce the Czech culture and history to the European psychology students whilst celebrating the ? EFPSA Congress.