Sunday, 1st of May ‘16

Welcome Aboard Party

Are you ready for the first day of your journey on this ship where you will have the first contact with the crew, and all other passengers? The welcoming surprises are bubbling already! It is a promise, not about a promised land, but the promise of the conquest of experiences, knowledge, emotions… Always with the sea breeze!

Monday, 2nd of May ‘16

Cultural Evening

Dear crew, we all know that for a long trip, and if we don’t want our ship sunk in the deepest waters, we have to make all the efforts to break those enormous social icebergs and all the ice between our crew, to make this trip as smoother and pleasurable as possible. Thus, are you prepared to break a huge iceberg through a gastronomic journey, experiencing flavours from other countries and share the specialities of your country? Furthermore, if you love to challenge yourself and you have a talent for coming up with good flavours, you can also compete and be rewarded with a gift!

Tuesday, 3th of May ‘ 16

The Captain’s Party – The Portuguese spirit

As you all know, the Captain of this ship is Portuguese! Thus, this evening is reserved to show his origins, Portuguese History and what “Portuguese Spirit” means to all the passengers. Moreover, during the evening you’ll realize how rich and powerful our traditional music is. Additionally, you will have get to know rhythms that you would not expect to be linked to Portugal!
Are you prepared to learn how to behave and live like a Portuguese?

Wednesday, 4th of May ‘ 16

The Pirate’s Evening – International Disaster Band

After many dives into the warm blue waters of the Atlantic sea, after a nap beneath the sun, prepare yourself to become a pirate star, where the ship is your stage, where the cannon balls turn into waves of music, where swords turn into drum sticks and the rope ladder transforms into the guitar arm.

The journey has begun a while ago and now you are part of this ship. Release the tension, face your fears, free your emotions while playing among people from around all of Europe to an amazing crowd prepared to cheer for new stars. Get in the spirit of the International Disaster Band, choose an instrument, pick your fellow pirates and be part of a crew to motivate and give energy to all pirates out there.

Friday, 6th of May ‘ 16

Rebel Emotion Party

Ahoy sailor, wild bay incoming! We reached the peak of the journey and emotions are running high on the ship as we go through an area where the sea breeze can hallucinate the mind of the sailors. Our advice and the order from the Captain is that you should let yourself go during this passage and take this opportunity to show and release all your emotions.
Enter the craziest party spirit that ever existed in the ocean, take a white shirt, we get the ink, and you express what you have in your soul by writing and painting other pirates. Free yourself, go crazy and feel the power of the EFPSA energy at this Rebel Emotion Party! Please don’t sink the ship, tomorrow all of this is over and it’s another day to sail.

Saturday, 7th of May ‘ 16

The Prom Evening

Land in sight! Wow what a journey! I bet you learned to sail through these deep waters of emotions, you felt unforgettable experiences and you had to overcome some obstacles through these seas. This stage is coming to an end but it’s not quite there yet. We docked at the destination and there is a reception worthy a king awaiting you. Wear clothes worthy of this classic party and enjoy the atmosphere of glamour. Bring all the memories you have, don’t forget to release some on the ship, and be part of the 30th EFPSA anniversary where you can find the roots of this federation and how it maintains this spirit intact. Vote in the different categories and watch the delivery of the EFPSA Oscars… maybe you’ll get one of those!

Enjoy this classy night, overcome the sea sickness while dancing with your partner. Stand on firm land and realize that even if it has come to an end, there will always be a bubble that can transport you and your fellows back to the ship. See you there my brave sailors!

From your beloved,


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