“New lands Day”


Dear adventurers,

It is with great pleasure that I and my crew inform you that one of the most eventful moments of this emotional travel has already set route!

Here is the travel plan:


This one day excursion is more than just a trip. It is designed to be a sensory experience, where you will have the chance to feel different moments, activate your senses and release your emotions throughout this “New Lands Day”. Be prepared to embark on this adventure early in the morning, ships leave the port at 08:30 so please make sure to board the ship on time!

First stop:

While divided onto different ships, we will first have a one of a kind tasting experience: a guided trip to the Quinta do Sanguinhal Vineyard. Expect a fun and interesting learning experience on the roots of the Portuguese wine culture, enhance your knowledge about cellars and prepare yourself to taste the outcome of this magical process.

Second stop:

The ships will disembark at Alcobaça, where you will find one of the most passionate stories of love: Pedro and Inês de Castro. You will have the chance to visit their tombs and learn more about their history at the church of the Alcobaça Monastery and explore the city while enjoying your packed lunch.


Free time:

In the afternoon, you will have the chance to become a sailor yourself by navigating through our history. You will be welcomed at Óbidos, the famous walled village where according to legends, a storyteller is at each corner; where each step is a movement into the past; where you will find charming and unexpected places to explore that are full of surprises.

Final stop:

We could not end this one day excursion without celebrating the Portuguese Spirit. In a cozy and traditional atmosphere, you will experience the Portuguese culture of celebrating around a dinner table.

For just 30 € you can join me in this amazing adventure!

Registration and payment can be done at the venue, no later than 10.00 pm on May the 2nd.

For more information you can contact us at congress2016@efpsa.org , or find us at the venue’s Infopoint.
Eager to share this journey with you!

Captain Tuga

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