Emotions. Oh, those wonderful beings living inside of us all. But what are their lives’ cycle? How do we express them so differently from person to person? From country to country? From culture to culture? Can we feel love and hate at the same time? And pleasure and disgust? What is the role of grief in our lives? Or what is the relationship between odours, criminals and emotions? Can we evolve emotionally?

So many questions, so many feelings…

At the end “How does it make you feel?”


Here are the main topics we will be talking about:

Basic Science and Experimental Approaches

  • Neural basis of emotional behaviour
  • Cognition & Emotion
  • Evaluation of truth, credibility and deception

Behaviour and Environment

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Emotions-focused therapy
  • Neuromarketing, Behaviour and Innovation
  • Motivation and Emotion
  •  Emotions in professional/organisational contexts

Culture, Gender and Emotions

Positive Psychology

Justice and Emotional Management


The scientific team of the 30th EFPSA Congress is preparing a unique experience for all those coming to Portugal in 2016. We will have some of the best speakers worldwide, talking about emotions – but we want to know about your research too. Are you prepared for what is to come? You’ll be your own emotional detective, decoding so many emotions, from science to practice.

The Scientific Programme of the 30th EFPSA Congress ensures all students have a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge and share experiences with a diverse range of colleagues and international speakers. Moreover, we want to provide the chance of networking with remarkable key scientists and potential international partners for your academic and professional future.

We hope that this congress can arouse further interest in research, and maybe “give birth” to amazing new ideas, not only in the field of emotions, but also in the wide field of psychology and social sciences. We want to show the interesting side of research, and with that, contribute to plant some seeds that hopefully will grow in tremendous scientific knowledge.

This will be your once in a lifetime opportunity to stand out with your ideas and share them not only with all the other psychology students around Europe but also with speakers of excellence from different countries around the world.

For more information about how to apply for the active participation go here.

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