Daniel Salzman

 Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at Columbia University

Daniel Salzman has a PhD in Neurosciences from Stanford University and has done his specialisation in the topic of the neural basis of cognitive and emotional behaviour. Salzman has been studying how the brain assigns an emotional value to the information that is received from the five senses. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry and Neurosciences at Columbia University and a Researcher at the New York State Psychiatric Institute. Among others, Dr. Salzman received the Donald B. Lindsley Prize from the Society for Neuroscience. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will be talking about the Brain, Learning and Emotions.



Aaron Garner

Director at Emotional Intelligence Academy | Approved Trainer for Paul Ekman International (PEI)  

Aaron Garner has a Master Degree in Emotions, Credibility and Deception from University of Central Lancashire and is also an Approved Trainer for Paul Ekman International (PEI) plc with a background in behavioral analysis. Currently, he´s the Director of the Emotional Intelligence Academy (EIA) and a Certified Coder for the Facial Action Coding System, a research tool developed for the objective measurement of facial muscle movement. Aaron Garner has worked with security and business managers from airlines, government agencies and commercial/investment companies. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will be talking about reading emotions and evaluation of truth, credibility and deception.



Daniel Reisel

PhD in Neuroscience at Oxford University|Researcher at University College of London

Daniel Reisel completed his PhD degree in Neuroscience in 2005 at Oxford University, investigating how learning rewires the brain. Since then his research has been concerned with the effect of life events on gene function. Currently, he works as a hospital doctor and has a research fellow in epigenetics at University College London. He also worked as part of an international team funded by the Welcome Trust and the European Union Framework Programme. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will be talking rewiring morality: Can morality and empathy be learnt?





Karen Quigley

Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory at Northeastern University, Boston

Karen Quigley has a Phd in Psychobiology from the Ohio State University and her main areas of expertise are Psychophysiology and Health Psychology. Currently, she is a Research Associate Professor at Northeastern University, Boston. Additionally, she is the Co-Director of the Interdisciplinary Affective Science Laboratory. Her work focuses on how humans utilise information from the body in creating emotional and affective states, individual differences in emotional reactivity, and how emotional states influence behaviour, cognitions, and health. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, she will be talking about the basics of peripheral psychophysiological measurements for affective scientists.



Armindo Freitas-Magalhães

Director of Facial Emotion Expression Lab (FEELab)

Freitas-Magalhães is one of the founders and currently the director of Facial Emotion Expression Lab (FEELab) – a pioneer in Portugal and internationally recognised. His research, among others, has been focused on human emotions and the influence of a smile on emotional disorders such as depression. He’s also the author of several IT applications and interfaces in relation to emotions and facial expression as well as the author of the FACE Project, a scientific project in Portugal that will allow neuropsychological mapping of the Portuguese facial expressions. He’s the author, among others, of “The Ekman Code – Brain, Face and Emotion”, published in 2011. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will be talking about emotions, facial emotion expression and recognition, and also about the human smile. 


João Catalão 

CEO of BusinessUp Group

João Catalão has a MBA in Marketing Management at IPAM and has studied Negotiation in Harvard Law School.His main fields of study are Positive Psychology, coaching, motivation, creativity, multicultural negotiation and sales. Furthermore, he is the co-founder of several businesses constituting the BusinessUp Group: SalesUp, YouUp, ActiveUp, FoneUp, INV e 4Store’s. He’s the author of several publications such as: “UAUme Attitude” or “The war art in creativity and innovation”. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, you should not miss his talk “Making it Happen!: Emotional Intelligence, Coaching and Organisation”.

João Salgado

João Salgado

Assistant Professor at ISMAI –Maia University Institute João Salgado has a PhD in Psychology from Minho University, a Master Degree from Porto University and has done his specialisation ion cognitive and constructivist psychotherapy and in emotion-focused therapy (EFT). He has been studying EFT vs Cognitive-behavioural therapy for treating depression. He’s also the coordinator of the research project called “Stop Depression”, partnering with the North Health Administration (ARS), the Institute of Systems Engineering and Computers, Technology and Science (INESC TEC), SKA and also Arkimedes (Norway). At present, he is an assistant professor at ISMAI, coordinates the Psychology PhD Programme as well as the psychological counselling service at this institution. Moreover, he coordinates the Psychotherapy Research Lab belonging to the Psychology Centre of Porto University. He won the Eng. António de Almeida Foundation prize for best student and published several articles in specialised journals and book chapters. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will talking about Emotions: different approaches – Emotion-focused therapy.


Francisco Esteves

Researcher at Social Intervention and Investigation Centre, ISCTE-IUL

Francisco Esteves has a PhD in Psychology from UPPSALA University – Sweden and is a researcher at the Social Intervention and Investigation Centre at ISCTE-IUL. Throughout his research career he has been interested in understanding the basic cognitive processes, such as Memory, Attention and Perception and their relation with emotional reactions. Among many others, we can highlight one of his latest works “Will you thrive under pressure or burn out? Linking anxiety motivation and emotional exhaustion” (2015). At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will be talking about his research on emotional reactivity, the role of electrophysiological tools on his studies and the clinical implications of its results.

Fernando Rodrigues

Fernando Rodrigues

CEO of ICN | Intelligence Consumer Neuroscience Agency and director of the Neurosensorial Research Lab

Fernando Rodrigues has a PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology and a master degree in Clinical Psychology. His main field of study is Neuromarketing, Innovation, Creativity and Neuro-linguistic Programming applied to Education. Besides being a Professor at several national and international universities, he’s the CEO and founder of ICN – Intelligence Consumer Neuroscience Agency and director of the Neurosensorial Research Lab. He’s also the CEO and Place Brand Manager of PsicoSoma International Master Franchise. Fernando Rodrigues is also the author of several publications such as “Why is Marketing Smart and Sexy!” or “The influence of Neuromarketing in the Decision-Making Process”. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will be talking about Neuromarketing, Behaviour and Innovation.


Maria Augusta

Maria Augusta Branco

Professor at Bragança Polytechnic Institute (IPB)

Maria Augusta Branco is a researcher specialised in the study of emotions, having developed her work around emotional competence in different contexts, such as organisations and education. She has published a significant number of scientific works of which we can highlight the book “Emotional Competence”, published in 2004. Currently, she’s a Professor at Instituto Politécnico de Bragança (IPB) and works with PAIDEIA (Open Platform – International Association for the development of emotional education). At the 30th EFPSA Congress, Augusta Branco will be talking about the importance of intelligence in professional contexts and how it’s related with our development.

António Macedo

António Macedo

Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Coimbra University (FMUC)

António Macedo is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine of Coimbra University (FMUC), Portugal. His main research interests are Emotion Regulation, Bipolar and Affective Disorders, Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, Personality (perfectionism) and Alzheimer’s disease, among others. Furthermore, he is the coordinator of the Psychiatry Research: Molecular Genetics Studies of Complex Disorders by the Center for Neuroscience and Cell Biology in Coimbra and a Member of the Ethics Committee at FMUC. He has several books published: “Obsessions and Compulsions: Multiple faces of a disease” or “The thinking genes”, and more than two hundred international peer-reviewed publications. At the 30th EFPSA Congress, he will talk about perfectionism and emotional regulation.

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