Step 1 – registration

December 1 – January 15

Registration for our Congress is now closed!

Step 2a – approval

January 16 – January 22

You are now able to approve 6 applicants from your country/region. We encourage you to make use of and refer to the Selection Criteria Guideline Document for further information.

Step 2b – additional approval

January 23 – January 29

The Organisational Committee or Members Office will contact you if additional places are distributed to your country/region. In that case, you will be able to approve more participants from your country/region.

Step 3a – payment

January 23 -February 19

If your application was approved, you have to pay the participation fee. After payment, you will receive an email confirming your status as a participant of the 30th EFPSA Congress.

Step 3b – late payment

February 20 -February 27

If you have not paid the participation fee by the 20th, you have an extra chance. You can pay until the 27th, but it will cost you an additional charge of  30 EUR.

To check your registration details, change or add things, go to the registration site and login with your username and the password, which you received in your mailbox after applying.

The participation fee can be fully refunded to you until February 27th  if you change your mind about participating in the Congress. You will only have to pay for the money transfer costs. After February 27th , we cannot offer a refund.


The participation fee should be paid in EURO.


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