Картинки по запросу gənc psixoloqlar birliyiThe “Young Psychologists” Public Union (“Gənc Psixoloqlar” İctimai Birliyi) was established by the initiative of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University’s psychology students in April, 2009. The Young Psychologists Public Union involves several universities’ students from different psychology departments who started organising seminars and meetings on various psychological subjects. Following this, the union became involved in various projects such as ‘Psychological help to the Deaf Children’, ‘Young Psychologist School’, ‘Young Psychologists’ Career’, ‘Philosophical Talk’ and several forums and congresses on a national level. The Young Psychologists Public Union consists of 9 universities from Azerbaijan and includes over three hundred students and young psychologists. As an organisation, our main objective is to strengthen collaboration between young psychologists, promote and advance discipline, increase professionalism and help young psychologists to improve their qualifications and skills in their professional life. The organisation endorses different scientific, cultural and social activities which intend to support young psychologists in various aspects of their life. Our values are coherence, innovation, learning, and teamwork. In October 2015, Young Psychologists Public Union was registered as an official non-governmental organisation by the ministry of justice.