Humanity Today
Individuals & Society

What makes a human’s life better? How can we create empathy, kindness, care, connection, mercy and love in modern humanity? Life is no longer what it used to be; we all live in a world surrounded by violence, pain and sadness, and we all struggle with negativity, no matter where it comes from or how we live our lives. As a human being, our main purpose is to transform people’s outlook into one of positivity, to help people live better lives and to break down the walls created by stigma, prejudice and fanaticism. Nowadays, we talk more about humanity than ever before. The core goal of the opinions mentioned above is the independent development of each human being as an individual entity. This means that every global change is based on the human factor. As there is population growth in the world, the number of people who make mistakes is also rising, which inevitably results in certain global changes. For example, recent global wars and terror acts have caused the emergence of fear and psychological changes associated with it among the whole world population. This increases the responsibility of the professionals who offer mental health services more than ever before. In light of these issues, we decided to choose Humanity Today, (including subtopics such as the modern refugee crisis, how it affects local inhabitants and refugees, what is the motivation of terrorists, psychology of war, modern humanity, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders and etc) as the theme of the 2017 EFPSA Congress.