EFPSA, the European Federation of Psychology Student’s Association, was established in 1987 with the first International Congress of Psychology Students in Portugal and now consists of 33 psychology students’ organisations of 33 European countries and regions. Stimulated by its mission, vision and values, EFPSA attracts more and more students every year, with the number of its members increasing and so far represents approximately 300.000 psychology students across Europe.

EFPSA is a multicultural and colourful network of European psychology students’ associations, run on a voluntary basis by and for psychology students of Europe.


Our mission is to bring psychology students together on a European level to enrich their concept and application of psychology and encourage skill development in order to contribute to the improvement of the field; have a positive impact on society and its perception of psychology; support scientific and social interaction and cultural exchange between psychology students, academics and professionals.

How do we implement this? By consistently developing our services, events and the quality of interaction between European psychology students and their national, regional and local associations, we create an encouraging environment for psychology as a professional and scientific field in Europe.


Our vision is to have a psychologically aware society where the misconceptions that surround it are diminished in order to enhance general well-being; to provide services and events that accommodate the vast expanse of needs of psychology students to develop themselves professionally and reach interconnectedness across all of Europe.


Association: As an organisation, to be connected both internally and externally, within the EFPSA working community and with organisations who share a similar mission and values

Clarity: To have an integral, coherent and consistent approach to all aspects of our operations

Diversity: To accept the differences; to respect and welcome them as valuable assets

Fortitude: To have courage in adversity and unforeseen circumstances

The organisational structure of EFPSA consists of the Executive Board (EB) and the Member Representatives (MRs).

The MRs (and Observer Representatives) represent the 33 students’ organisations within EFPSA and are the link between these and the federation.

The MRs are the legislative body of EFPSA and vote for the proposals, initiatives and persons running for post within the federation, thereby seeking to keep EFPSA an acknowledged representative for all the European psychology students.

The EB consists of Offices of teams running the EFPSA Events and Services, which allow the federation to function. The Board of Management (BM) is part of the Executive Board and is responsible of the EB and MRs ensuring EFPSAs stability and growth.