There are different options that you can come to venue. The Organising committee will organize EFPSA buses for you. But in case if you want to come by yourself to the venue you can use train, bus and rent a car options. From Baku to venue is around 355 kilometer and it takes 6 hours to get there. There are also train options which depart usually night time and in the morning you will be in the train station of Gakh city. From train station to venue you can take taxi which means you will pay around 3-4 euro for using to this service.

Day of arrival: 23.04.2017

Day of departure: 30.04.2017



The venue situated close to 3 different airports, you can fly either Tbilisi, Kutaisi (Georgia) or Baku.

Org.Com will organize meeting point in Tbilisi and Baku and efpsa bus will take you from there.

From Tbilisi to venue is about 150 km and there is buses in Tbilisi bus station directly to Gakh.

From Kutaisi to venue is around 400 km and there are buses directly to Tbilisi.

From Baku to venue is about 355 km and there are daily buses and trains which depart in from Baku to Gakh.


The detailed address of the Congress venue is:

Azerbaijan, Gakh city

El Resort Hotel

Heydar Aliyev Avenue, AZ3400


How to go to the venue ?

  1. By plane

1.1. Through Baku, Azerbaijan

There are a lot of options to come to Baku. First – it is the national airline “Azerbaijan Airlines” – AZAL, which operates flights through Baku Heydar Aliyev International Airport and other airports in the country. The route network from AZAL quite extensive: It has a lot of flights from different routes of European countries to Azerbaijan capital Baku. There are also airports in Ganja, Lankaran, Zagatala and Gabala, which some of them available for international flights. Low prices for a number of cities of Europe and Turkey are offered by airline AZAL according to the arrangement with Pegasus Airlines.

Many of the leading European airlines fly to Baku as well. For Europeans, one of these options is Baltic airline AirBaltic. Namely, it is possible to arrive in Azerbaijan from Central Europe by using the aircrafts of this air carrier, it is cheaper, and you can save money when planning a complex itinerary. AirBaltic’s cost calculation is the result of summing up the segments, as one way ticket offered by the traditional airlines can be cost the ticket of AirBaltic for round trip. Who is coming from Baltic States they can buy Airbaltic or Aeroflot company’s tickets which are sometimes selling with cheap prices.

You can check the information from website:


1.2. Through Budapest, Hungary

Except Azal (Azerbaijan Airlines) European low cost airline company Wizz Air offer cheap flights to Baku from Budapest, Hungary twice a week, as low as 49 euro for one direction. Cost calculation is the result of sold seats and for that reason tries to buy your ticket earlier, at least one month in advance.

You can check the information from website:


1.3. Through Tibilisi or Kutaisi, Georgia

The another travel option is flying to Georgia (Tbilisi or Kutaisi) from different part of Europe with low cost airlines companies. Georgia and Azerbaijan close neighbor countries and there are lots of travel options from Georgia to Azerbaijan. Wizz air and Pegasus airlines also fly to Georgia from the following cities, such as Berlin, Budapest, Dortmund, Katowice, Kaunas, Larnaca, Munich, Milan, Sophia, Thessaloniki, Vilnius, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Ankara, Athens, Barcelona, basel, Belgrad, Brussel, Bucharest, Jeneva, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Zurich, Vienna, Stockholm, Saraybosna, Oslo, Praga, Kopenhagen, London, Koln, Istanbul and etc with low prices.

The Georgian destinations are following cities, in case of cheap flights please check both cities, TBILISI and KUTAISI as well. Depends on the season and dates, some flights to Kutaisi can be 20 euro for one direction. This option gives you chance to see other lovely Caucasian country of Georgia. According to requests we will organize EFPSA buses from Tbilisi to venue. It means that do not hesitate to buy flight ticket to Tbilisi (Georgia) city.

You can check the information from website:



2) By train

There is some international railway connection in Azerbaijan you can find some train routes, such as to Kiev, Moscow, Petersburg and Tbilisi. From Tbilisi to Baku train ticket is around 18 euro (night train). It takes 16 hours long but each train has compartments with beds.

You can check the information from website:


3) By bus

Baku International Bus Station is located at the entrance to the capital. There are international buses from Istanbul, Sofia, Moscow, Tbilisi, routes from and to Baku. If you want to come to Azerbaijan by bus you can take bus from Istanbul and arrive to venue, around 20-24 hours long. The cost for this route is 52 euro for one direction.

You can check the information from website:


4) By car

You can drive in Azerbaijan using a EU driving license. Almost all rental agencies have representative offices at Baku airport. The rental makes about 25 Euro per day for sedan. Cars can be rented with a driver or without.


5) EFPSA bus

Our Organising Committee will arrange EFPSA Buses for you from Baku and Tbilisi to venue.

Visa information

For getting information about the visa click here