Did you ever have any opportunity to showcase your research in front of individuals of several nationalities? If not, this is a great opportunity for you! Conducting training, seminars or workshops across a multinational audience will make you more confident and experienced in your future professional life. There are a number of additional advantages, such as each presenter receiving useful criticism and feedback from different countries’ participants whilst having the opportunity to compare their country’s experiences and way of thinking to that of other countries. On the other hand you will have a chance to analyse your research’ limits which you would have never previously thought of. It is also your contribution to the EFPSA Congress that makes it more inspiring and memorable.


Come and make your work visible!

The 2017 EFPSA Congress theme that has been selected is “Humanity Today”. If you have work related to the theme, do not hesitate to apply for the opportunity to present it during the congress. We would be very happy to explore various standpoints regarding the modern refugee crisis, how it affects local inhabitants and refugees, what is the motivation of terrorists, psychology of war, modern humanity and so on.


How can you participate?


You can contribute to the scientific programme of the Congress by:

  1. Presenting a poster which synthesizes the results of your research;
  2. Making an oral presentation about your research; or
  3. Delivering a workshop on a topic related to the Congress theme.

The call for active participation applications is now open! Please carefully read the Active Participation guidelines that you can find here and then submit your application by clicking here. Applications may be submitted until the 10th March 2017, however, we encourage you to apply early. We are very excited to receive your research and workshop proposals, and will give your valuable work careful consideration!