Dear EFPSA participants, are you ready to become a hero?

My name is Dede Gorgud and I am the author of the most ancient Azerbaijani-Turkic book. The poem about me in “The Book of Dede Gorgud” is rich in the humane and humanitarian ideals. Furthermore, I am also the creator of many Azerbaijani words. ‘Gopuz’ is a three stringed instrument and a symbol of the sacred, so whoever takes it into their hand becomes connected to the untouchable. Combining the attributes of seer, wise men, tribal elders and religious leaders, I give young men their names, advice and intercede in difficult situations.
I want you to be brave and bold, so let us create this legend together! The magic spirit of EFPSA, which is based on love towards mankind, will always be with you. With the help of National musical instruments, you will hear the legendary music of the Oghuz (Azerbaijani) people, and even get the chance to reproduce these hypnotic notes and allow the beautiful tones to permeate you. This sound will spark a flame of love and humanity in your inner world, and you will receive a unique energy that will bestow you with extraordinary bravery and emotions. Your positive actions, both in the scientific, and in the social sphere, will be appreciated by me and I will highly value all individuals’ merits. I am looking forward to encountering new heroes in my native land and welcoming them all to the most inspiring, memorable and extraordinary journey!

I will shortly introduce you to the magical world where you will remain for 7 days: