During the organised trip, you will become acquainted with beautiful natural landscapes to which I owe my wisdom, and my mental and physical health. First of all, I will introduce you to Ilisu- a place covered with forests and full of fast-flowing rivers commencing high up in the snow-covered mountains. With air so clean all year round, this place is especially worth seeing in spring and summer, due to colourful rainbows creating the most spectacular views. Here, in this peaceful place with incredible scenery, you can see plenty of centuries-old houses and historical monuments that have witnessed the ancient and rich history of my motherland; Azerbaijan.

Another historical region where I will be taking you to is Shaki. We shall walk along the south foothills of the Greater Caucasus mountains to visit the Kish Alban temple and appreciate the beauty of the Juma Mosque surrounded by stunning greenery, while small local village houses will also lead you to the 18th century. Shaki Khan Palace РConstruction of this palace began in 1789 and is unique due to applied patterns and the materials used. Can you imagine that no nail was used for its construction?! The special formula used instead of glue or nails is lost to us now and belongs to history. This place is particularly famous for the amazing multi-coloured glass mosaics covering its windows, creating magnificent views. These mosaics are made up of extremely small pieces of coloured glass Just imagine, there were up to 5,000 glass pieces used per one square metre!

Finally, you will taste the samovar tea in ancient Caravansarai or Caravan Palace Рthe place that used to serve as a stopover for travellers and caravans during the  18th and 19th centuries.