The overall aim of the 34th EFPSA Congress is to build strong connections on both a personal and professional level. There will be a wide range of professional keynotes, lectures, and workshops on diverse psychological topics, controversies, and research. We are aiming to provide an enriching scientific programme and give you the opportunity to present your own research to fellow students and professionals.

1. International Meeting of Students, Exchange of Ideas, and Cross-Cultural Communication:

We have quite a few surprises that will give you the opportunity to  cooperate with international psychologists and psychology students across the range of psychological disciplines.

To facilitate these discussions, we have several events throughout the week focused on networking and learning from each others' experiences.

 2. Promoting EFPSA and its Mission, Vision, and Values:

If you are reading this, YOU ARE EFPSA.

All participants will have the chance to actively contribute to the development of the Federation. As EFPSA´s activities and services will be presented at several points throughout the Congress, you will have the opportunity to join the working community in one of the positions of the Executive Board that will be starting their mandate in Ireland.

3. Promoting Intercultural dialogue within Europe:

The Congress brings together students from over 30 countries and regions of Europe. This means that, from the 9th to the 16th of April, Ireland will be one of the most diverse psychological locations on the planet! You will gain insight from students from each of the EFPSA member organisations through open discussion sessions, workshops, and lectures.

 4. Showcasing the very best of Psychology Ireland has to Offer:

Whether you have visited Ireland before, or if it features on your bucket list, Congress 2020 will be a very different experience. Our collaborators, colleagues, and friends who either work in practice or academia affiliated will give you unbelieveable insight into what we do here, and why we do it.

There may also be some opportunity to chat with some universities and institutions regarding further study in Ireland - so stay tuned!