Venue & Accomodation.

If you haven't seen one of our team presenting or bragging about the venue, you are in for a treat! Sit back (if you aren't already), put the kettle on (if you haven't already - seriously lads, you are coming to Ireland, get in training now!), and let us SPIT SOME FACTS!

For the duration of the 34th EFPSA Congress, we will be in the Breaffy House Resort. The main name attributed is Dominick Browne, born in 1701 and died in 1776, who is mentioned as being one of those responsible for the first phase of building. First taking a traditional Victorian style, Breaffy House was later influenced by the Georgian archetectural style which was becoming commonplace in other Irish cities.

Flash-forwards a few more years, in 1927 (to be exact!), some additions were made throughout the grounds that included a renewed entrances (one gate house is still there), and a man-made pond to the right of the bridge on the avenue into the house, dug after 1900. Now, we have 90 acres of land to work with, and 30,000 square feet of designated Congress space. 


We'll just leave these here:

Sports Facilities. 

    • A grass pitch and a multi-functional Astroturf pitch, 
    • Basketball court,
    • An indoor soccer arena,
    • Badminton and tennis courts,
    • 60m running tracks,
    • Gym,
    • Swimming pool,
    • Fitness studio

Relaxation and Wellbeing.

    • Jacuzzi,
    • Sauna,
    • Steam room,
    • Spa,
    • Turkish mud chamber,
    • Floatation rooms,
    • Hydrotherapy suite,
    • Relaxation suite, 
    • Tanning studio.