Keynotes Speakers.

Dr Mark Elliott (Japan/Ireland)
Dr Elliott’s research addresses various aspects of human cognition and, aligning to our Congress theme, he will be sharing his research that looks at the beginning of time, and the smallest possible measure of time that humans and animals can perceive.

Senior Lecturer at National University of Galway | Professor at University of Kyushu University | Founding member of the Neuroscience Cluster.




Dr Geraldine O’Hare (Ireland/UK)
Within the Congress theme, Geraldine will be discussing problem solving justice and restorative justice. More specifically, Dr O'Hare will be giving us insight into her work in the development of problem solving courts within Northern Ireland.

Practice-based focus | Chartered and Registered Forensic Psychologist with BPS | Over 17 years’ experience working within Forensic prison services | Head of Psychology Services and Interventions with the Probation Board for Northern Ireland.






Prof. Frank Worrell (USA)
Frank is the Director of (1) the School Psychology program, (2) the Academic Talent Development Program, and (3) the California College Preparatory Academy.

Academic Talent Development | Gifted Education | At-risk Youth and Cultural Identity | Scale Development and Validation | Time Perspectives | Translation of Psychological Research findings into School-Based Practice.




Prof. Giacomo Rizzolatti (Italy)
Being the lead scientist of the research team that discovered ‘mirror neurons’, Dr Rizzolatti brings a wealth of knowledge to our Congress related to cognition and neuroscience, explaining why and how we respond when we see the actions of others.

Professor of Human Physiology | Director of the Department of Neuroscience at the University of Padua | Former president of the European Brain and Behaviour Society