London’s Best – Anna


Your name: Anna Stekrova
City you visited: London

1|Best food: Definitely Camden Food Market! The largest line-up of London Street food, KERB Camden Market is everything that’s great about London food – in 35 stalls, open 364 days of the year. Cocktails from Kamm & Sons, Korean-Mexican burritos from Kimchinary, bagels from Ghetto Grillz, ice cream from Blu Top – the list goes on! Located around beautiful Regents canal is just a cream of the crop.

2|Best place to hang out: Any place that tourists haven’t found yet, really! As London is supercrowded with travellers, be it winter or summer, knowledge of hidden spots to hang out at, is much appreciated. One of my top is a lovely cocktail bar with good retro music housed in a former underground toilet in Kentish Town  – appropriately named Ladies & Gentlemen.

3|Best memory: I don’t have just one, each day in London is quite unique and adventurous. But I would say hosting my friends from abroad is always memorable and funny. We usually skip sightseeing and visit less common places and sometimes spend more than 20 hours out of house. Yes, London is city that never sleeps!

4|Best activity:
1) Deer-spotting in Richmond Park
Richmond park is the largest of the capital’s eight Royal Parks and the biggest enclosed space in London. If you go to Jubilee Plantation, you’ll have nice views of the city skyline on a clear day, too. Have picnic, go horseback riding or simply get lost in all that wild nature, and do not forget to bring your camera with you!2) The famous earthquake simulator at Natural History Museum
It is a truly shaky experience! 🙂 Also, did I mention that all of London’s museums are admission-free!3) Rent a city bike and feel the wind in your hair while cycling around Hyde park
It only cost £2 and, to be honest, it is the one and only option how to see majority of the park, as it is so huge. Moreover, the ride around the lakes is very enjoyable and you can always stop to get an ice cream or (illegally) feed some friendly birds. Just pay attention to pedestrians and horse riders as you cycle.5|Best photo:


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