Willingness Experience – Gabija’s Internship

1. How would you describe your internship experience at the Willingness Clinic in Malta? Tell us a bit more about the tasks/responsibilities you had as an intern there? 

In overall, the internship at the Willingness Clinic was a really great experience. I had the opportunity to feel as a part of a team. It gave me the freedom to express my ideas and experience a high level of true cooperation. I felt as I am estimated as any other member of a team which is really important for me.
As interns we were participating in team‘s meetings, and we had the workshops with every member of a team. It was interesting to hear about different aspects of Willingness work from the people who are actually doing that. We also conducted a Social experiment about the violence towards men and women. During this experience I gained variety of different knowledge and skills. For example, how to find the worst angle for secret camera, how to work together with others and that sometimes things just do not happened as you expect. It was also a lot of fun while creating it. Finally, we presented the topic of our own interest during the meeting of a team, every week we were preparing short texts for blog. I think that the main thing in this internship was to find the area that motivates every of us and research it. We were really encouraged to do that I personally felt a lot of support. I still feel really thankful for this.

2.What was the most challenging thing you faced and why? 

The most common thing that I heard is that people are afraid to go abroad because of their language knowledge. But in my internship in Malta the biggest nightmare was the heat. Talking seriously, I could not say that I had a lot of challenges at least not as big as I would feel incompetent for. Every task was a little challenge but in my opinion it has to be so. I put a lot of effort to make a strong presentation about the topic that I was becoming a little bit sick about. I think it was the biggest challenge for myself to feel interested in it again and to interest others. It is funny that after my internship it really becomes my main interest and now I am planning to make my second internship specialising in this topic.

3.How easy/difficult was the adjustment period?

It was easy to adjust to the team. They were really welcome, they let us feel good and secure in a team. After few meetings I really felt as a part of it, the team was important for me so I was trying not to disappoint them. The tasks were also according to my competence.
I could not say the same about the weather. I needed a week in order to go out and start eat and drink something and almost a month to fully adjust to it. I hate the heat, so everybody was saying that I was crazy to go to Malta.

4.What is the best thing about doing an internship in Malta?

I would never forget that atmosphere that we had in a team. For me it is the best example for a perfect team dynamic and full dedication for what you do. When you have that kind of experience, you start evaluate what you create around it and measure it according higher standards.

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