Scientific theme - “A Search for Happiness”

The 33rd EFPSA Congress revolves around understanding happiness in different aspects of life. The notion of happiness is something most people are familiar with, but it is a broad concept that can be viewed from different perspectives. With the scientific programme we aim to address the many nuances of happiness and hereby obtain a better understanding of how happiness, or lack thereof affects the individual and society. The presence or absence of happiness in our life has a great influence on the individual perception of our experiences, identity and success.

The professional scientific programme will consider the concept broadly from different paradigms within the psychological field of science. Within the scientific context, we hope to explore different themes that relate to happiness in modern society. Among other things, the programme will explore how neuropsychology explains the feeling of happiness, how the search for happiness in careers and relationships affects people, and their choices in today's society. Moreover, the programme aims to investigate how to understand the connection between an individual’s happiness and mental and physical health.