About the Better Together Campaign

The Better Together campaign consists of a cycle of 5 educational workshops, specially designed for high-school students between the ages of 13 and 18, and one open session oriented on empowering youth toward building more inclusive societies. It was developed by EFPSA’s Social Impact Initiative team, in collaboration with EFPSA’s Training Office.

The content of the Better Together workshop material is based on scientific data and reviewed by professionals in the field. It includes educational material about discrimination, experience-based role-play and situation-based games, video material and
interactive discussions. The workshops are delivered by specially trained psychology students.

By educating secondary level students on the basic concepts behind prejudice, stereotypes and discrimination and addressing different types of discrimination we hope to raise empathy and consequently create a more positive attitude towards building a more inclusive society.

The first cycle of the workshops started in Autumn 2017.

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