2018 Train the Trainers Experiences

TtT Participant: “TtT for was a dream that came true. Once I joined my first EFPSA Event I was sure that I wanted to become a trainer..TtT 2018 was more than I expected….it was a lifetime experience” 

TtT Trainer: “Train the Trainers Summer School 2018  was, or better, is one of the most valuable and memorable experiences that I could have had in all of the years of my student life!!! My team, the participants, the Organising Committee, the trainings that I delivered and the trainings that I attended helped me reveal new aspects of my personality, meet and even overcome my limits, set new ones, gain knowledge, skills, challenge myself, live out of my comfort zone and see myself grow every single day! It is impressive how much a person can grow from one day to the other and how much can help others rise! When you see a trainee have a spark in their eyes, get inspired, grow and rise, this can be the best reward! And as we were saying during the days of the Event ‘ we gonna rise till we fall’. Greetings!”

TtT Participant: “For me, TtT was one of the most memorable weeks in my life so far. It’s incredible how much growth is possible to happen when you’re surrounded by such an inspiring, loving and intelligent group of young people from all over Europe.” 

TtT Participant: “You’re never too old to teach a dinosaur a new trick. I was so happy to finally get accepted into TtT 2018, where I learned not only more about myself, my strengths but more about other people too.” 

About Train the Trainers Summer School

EFPSA Train the Trainers Summer School (TtT) is an intense, unforgettable 8-day Event wherein 12 trainer candidates gain the knowledge, skills and the right attitude a novice trainer needs to design and deliver effective and engaging training sessions. The TtT is also the first step in becoming a certified EFPSA trainer.

The goal of the Event is for participants to interactively familiarise themselves with learning, education and training theories and techniques that enable them to successfully design and deliver training to EFPSA active members, their national psychology student associations and other organisations. They are provided with the opportunity to gain  the right skills, knowledge and attitude necessary to become trainers in order to develop themselves and others, and to build strong interpersonal relationships in an international learning environment. As the highlight of the week, participants get to apply their freshly learned training skills during an Open Session Day where they deliver their very first trainings to local university students.

This year, the theme of TtT was “Be a Trainer – Combat Discrimination”. Therefore, topics related to reducing discrimination and creating an inclusive training environment were exploredthroughout the week.

TtT was implemented with the financial and educational support of European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe.