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Hi, it is Alaz who is a citizen of the world trying to exist on the road with my mission and vision beyond my resume and I am here to take you on a long adventure around the world with my Human Resources Assistant Internship. I was in the 4th semester of my bachelor’s of psychology at Çağ University in Turkey and have an incredible interest in organisational psychology. Throughout my education, I had done internships in various fields (business and organisation, clinic, courthouse etc.) and took part in the board of management who are working on a national and international level. The story began in May of 2019 when I got the grant from Erasmus+ Student Internship Program.

When I heard that I would receive a grant for my internship, I felt it would be the turning point in my life and immediately decided to do it in Bulgaria with Champions Factory which is an international non-governmental organisation bringing social change through innovations in education and sport. After my graduation ceremony in June, I took a flight to Bulgaria directly in the morning and the story began…

I worked as a Human Resources Assistant in CHF and was responsible for working in the online recruitment system to select the participants of the projects, writing, managing and coordinating the national and international projects, managing the branches and delivering training.

In the first week of my internship, I was feeling a little nervous and afraid of making mistakes. To work with people who are from different cultures and have different work disciplines pushed me to the challenge zone. However, over time, these feelings gave way to excitement and enjoyment of learning. During my internship, I coordinated more than 10 international projects and worked in the field of Erasmus+ Projects as the main trainer that took place around the world such as Brazil, Spain, Bulgaria, Turkey etc. and had a chance to practice my skills in an office place and the field as well.

These experiences were the best part of my internship that I visited a lot of countries and experienced their culture. Each of them showed me a new window from the world. I spent two weeks of November in Brazil which I had an extraordinary experience and witnessed a culture completely different from Europe. Firstly we had a 16 hours flight to Sao Paulo and stayed 10 days there to implement sports projects. We discovered Vila Madalena where the street is full of graffiti art and explored it in wonder and watched Capoeira, which is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. After Sao Paulo, we visited Rio De Janeiro which has amazing Ipanema and Copacabana Beach and a huge statue called Christ the Redeemer. You will see the photo of my last day in the street of Brazil while celebrating the Championship of CF Flamengo with three girls. The most beautiful thing is to be a part of someone’s happiness. Even if you don’t know their language and you’ve met them for the first time.

After this amazing experience, I went to Spain to participate in another project about Elderly Care. This project, which opened an unforgettable place in my life, brought me together with the elderly and made me fall in love with Spain. I met with beyond tremendous elderly people and listened to their experience in life. That is why I visited Spain 3 more times after that and tried to get lost in their culture and get to know more people. Just before the pandemic came up in March, I went to Turkey for the Train the Trainers that we prepared in cooperation with Champions Factory TR and Bir Küçük Mucize Association. Taking part in the organisation of the Train the Trainers that I graduated in 2018 was an experience that excited me so much. I currently support the establishment of a training unit within the association. Besides, I designed a “Trainer Development Program” that was gamified and made for the trainer candidates and will continue for a year. This opportunity gave me a chance to implement my knowledge as well.

In the first week of April 2020, the world order was beginning to change and I was locked up in Turkey. With that, my internship took a new form and I started doing all my tasks online. Experiential learning environments that are completely dependent on contact have been replaced by online education. After an adaptation process, which was quite challenging for me, I started to adapt and soon started developing online training and games. At the same time, we wrote 9 European Union Erasmus + Projects, speeding up our online work with the team. I had a volunteer group behind Champions Factory TR to develop their skills on the European level. Owing to this volunteer team, I have developed myself as an HR assistant very well. Meanwhile, my experience and skills in project writing and filling out the form have increased considerably.  In this period, I delivered online training at more than 20 universities and organisations in the name of Champions Factory. With each new training, I felt more productive and more refreshed.

As I approached the end of my internship, I realised that I improved my social and professional skills in this process. I moreover have gained a lot of experience in project writing, managing and training. Although it is unfortunate for my internship to come at a time of a global pandemic, turning it into an advantage in a short time helped me gain crisis management and critical thinking skills. Nevertheless, I would like to mention that this process was very innovative and full of experience for me. In August 2020, I completed the internship and immediately started to work as Operations Trainer in Conectys which is an international company that delivers multi-cultural business process outsourcing and customer support services.


Author: Alaz Canbolat
Bachelor’s in Psychology at Çağ University

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